Mission and Core Values » Inspires a reverence for and critical understanding of Torah

Inspires a reverence for and critical understanding of Torah



Rochelle Zell strengthens students’ understanding of and connection to God and Torah at a mature, critical level— during the crucial high school years. Jewish sources and the practice of mitzvot guide all interpersonal relationships and activities. The school creates an environment in which students learn to incorporate Jewish values and practice into their daily lives and relationships within and beyond the school community.


Rochelle Zell is committed to fostering the Jewish values that are central to Jewish life. These include love and worship of God (avodah), participation in daily prayer (tefillah), daily study of Torah (talmud torah), a loving concern for others (ahavat habriyot), a commitment to repairing the world (tikkun olam), a sense of identity with and participation in the Jewish community (klal yisrael) and a commitment to Israel’s central role for the Jewish people (ahavat yisrael).


Each school day begins with student led tefillah in an egalitarian community that acknowledges and respects differences. It is an atmosphere of mutual respect, which provides a welcoming forum for grappling with fundamental religious questions and strengthening individual Jewish identities.