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We Are Explorers. 
Trips & Shabbatonim
Building community around Jewish education serves as a cornerstone of our school. We offer Shabbatonim (retreats over Shabbat) and overnight trips, giving our students an opportunity to come together as a community. 
The Freshmen Shabbaton provides an opportunity for connection and bonding as a class. Seniors serve as mentors, fostering community and bringing our newest students into the fullness of our school.  
Our Juniors embark on a three-day trip where they explore key institutions to learn about Jewish history, American connections, and the Jewish experience today. In recent years, Juniors visited New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston.
A favorite for students is our All-School Shabbaton where we gather as a school community and celebrate the school, Jewish life, and the ability to have fun as teenagers. 
Senior Israel Experience
The RZJHS Senior Israel Experience is the capstone of a student’s Jewish education. Rochelle Zell empowers our students to understand their unique place in the world.  Developing a strong and sophisticated love and commitment to Israel is central to our school’s mission. Each year, students return from our Senior Israel Experience and report that the trip was different than any other experience in Israel that they may have previously, one that both complements their experiences and education at RZJHS and bonds the class.
In the fall, students study History of Israel. Additionally, there is a seminar following the trip to bridge the experiences in Israel with those that students will experience on American campuses. The Senior Israel Experience is designed in conjunction with our educational partner in Israel, Ramah Israel, to meet the unique educational needs of our students. They provide young Israeli counselors who forge a special bond with our students, and experienced tour guides who understand our students’ unique background. This educational partnership bridges the strengths and vision of the Israeli and American Jewish communities.