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Clubs and Activities


Student life at Rochelle Zell is full of spirit and a tremendous sense of community. There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved socially through extracurricular activities, clubs, and leadership programs both in school and in the greater community. When students discover new ways to enhance student life, they are encouraged to start a new club.


Every fall, club leadership organizes and hosts a Student Activities Fair, where students are introduced to all of the opportunities they have to engage with the community.


This year, our students and club leaders put together a virtual Student Activities Fair to explore this year's options. For more information, contact the Student Activities Director.

"The importance of involvement that CJHS encouraged its students to have inspired me to get and stay involved in extracurricular activities. My desire to consistently participate in these activities stemmed from being active as a high-schooler and wanting to continue that in college." Alan B., '09