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We are Leaders.
RZJHS students become confident navigating the complexity of what it means to be Jewish in the modern world. We provide students with the knowledge, skills and leadership opportunities they need to participate fully in Jewish life as observant, passionate committed Jews. Students develop love for Jewish study and Jewish life.
Students and their families represent a wide spectrum of Jewish observance. While religious practices vary among the student body, Rochelle Zell works hard to ensure that students welcome and respect each other’s levels of observance. 
Rochelle Zell inspires a reverence for and critical understanding of Torah. The rich Jewish studies curriculum includes classes in Talmud, Tanach (Bible), Jewish thought and Jewish history. Daily tefillah (prayer) provides students with an opportunity to serve as shelichei tzibur (prayer leaders), to offer divrei Torah (brief discourses on the Torah), and to develop a personal relationship with prayer.
Our calendar is built around the rhythm of Jewish life and the school year revolves around the Jewish calendar. Throughout the course of the year, students and faculty observe religious celebrations as a community so that students learn to approach life with a love and reverence for Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. Kashrut (dietary laws) is observed throughout the school and at all school events so that students may observe Jewish law and life fully. Athletic programs and extra-curricular activities never conflict with Shabbat or Jewish holidays. 
Rochelle Zell is committed to making the world a more just and peaceful place through individual and collective commitment to programs of social justice and public policy. The school and its students strive to exert a positive influence in the Chicagoland area and beyond. Students initiate and participate in numerous tzedekah (philanthropy) programs and chesed (good deeds) activities throughout the school year.