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Board of Directors

A Message from Karen Peaceman, Board President
Karen Peaceman, BOD PresidentIt is my great honor to take over as President of the Board of Directors of Rochelle Zell Jewish High School this year. I have learned much from my predecessors, especially Alan Frankel and Lynn Schrayer, our two immediate past presidents and I am excited to have this opportunity to work even more closely with our faculty, staff, parents and the great RZJHS community.
My family first came to the school in the Fall of 2005, when our middle child, Daniel, transferred to the school as a senior after 11 years in public school. That year was nothing short of transformational for him and for our entire family. With the help of his amazing teachers and surrounded by this wonderful community, we watched him come alive as a critical thinker and a thoughtful Jew. The decision was a no-brainer when we sent his younger sister, Claire, here after she graduated from Solomon Schechter and her experience was similarly excellent.
For me, what truly distinguishes us from other schools that I have been connected to is our faculty, our students and our community. I believe there is a certain “magic” that happens here – that magic enables our students to become their best selves as they navigate math and Talmud, biology and Jewish History all at the same time. Whatever they choose to pursue in the next chapter of their lives, from a Ph.D. in Philosophy, medicine, teaching, Jewish professional work – or anything else, they do it with a firm understanding of who they are and how to advocate for themselves.
I look forward to working with the administration and staff in the coming year as we embark on our ISACS Self-Study. This is an important effort and it will inform decisions as we move forward. The Board of Directors depends on the support of our students and families and the greater Chicago Jewish community so that we can build on our success going forward. I know I can count on you to help where you can, with financial support and by helping us to spread the word about the magic of Rochelle Zell Jewish High School. (See page 3 for one teacher’s thoughts on our magical community.)
Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance to you and your family.
Board of Directors
Karen Peaceman, President
Brad Levin, Vice President of Development
Lynn S. Schrayer, Vice President of Development
Adam Winick, Vice President of Development
Ari Taitz, M.D., Treasurer
Reuben Warshawsky, Secretary
Alan Frankel, Ph.D., Immediate Past President

Larry D. Adler, Founding President

Deanna Abrams
Larry Becker
Scott Lederman
Becky Mati
Ron Meisler
Robert Romanoff
Carolyn Rosenberg
Marcos Rosenberg
Danit Steinbach
Leslie Rosen Stern
Rachel Treister
Jason Wiznitzer
Rabbi Carl Wolkin
Jacqueline Kott Wolle