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Student Services


The Rochelle Zell Student Services Team provides educational experiences beyond the classroom that focuses on differentiated learning, personal and social development. Rochelle Zell Jewish High School is committed to a supportive learning environment that strengthens independence and responsibility. We are proud of our Student Services Team, consisting of a Social Worker, two Learning Specialists and a Counselor, working together to help our students manage the challenges of life in high school.


Students with specific learning, attention, and/or social needs are required to submit copies of psychological testing and previous educational accommodations. These documents are part of the application process and should be received prior to the interview.


Support services include:

  • Periodic review of academic and social progress
  • Supervised academic study sessions
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Reasonable classroom and testing accommodations
  • Auditory and visual accommodations on an as-needed basis
  • Intervention with mental health professionals
  • Offering extended time and multiple-day testing on campus
  • Assisting with application process with College Board and ACT
  • Four-year comprehensive Student Advisory Program
  • Partnership with Response Center/Jewish Vocational Services
  • Academic Learning Center

"The teachers here are amazing. They are knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach, and in addition to being our teachers, they also become our friends." - Miriam M., '12