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Applications submitted prior to December 15th will receive an early application credit of $500 on the first year’s tuition.

Required Supporting Documents

• Submit a transcript request to your current school registrar.
• Submit a copy of a written expository essay graded/evaluated by your student's 8th grade English/Language Arts teacher.

• Print teacher recommendations and submit to student's current teachers. Recommendations should be completed and returned to the RZJHS Admissions Office after the student's first semester. In lieu of Jewish Studies Recommendation, students not enrolled in a Jewish day school may request a letter of recommendation from the family’s rabbi, camp director or religious school teacher. We ask that the letter include information about the applicant’s spiritual journey and relationship with the Jewish community.

English Teacher Recommendation

Math Teacher Recommendation

Jewish Studies/Religious Teacher Recommendation

Application Fee

An application fee of $150 must accompany this application. It is non-refundable and will not be applied to the tuition charge. The applicant is considered a candidate for admissions only after this application is received and the application fee is submitted. Click here to pay your application fee.


Placement Test

Incoming freshmen need to take a placement test. The test determines a student’s high school readiness and suggests appropriate course placement for freshman year. Placement tests for the 2021/22 school year are administered on Sunday, December 13, 2020 or Sunday, February 7, 2021. All testing takes place at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School. Click here to sign up for the Rochelle Zell placement test. All students must submit an application for admission prior to sitting for the test. Students needing extended time must also submit a copy of their most current service plan (IEP or 504) and psycho-ed testing.



Once all application materials are received (including teacher recommendations and school transcripts), students and their parents schedule an interview. These half-hour interviews are scheduled primarily during school hours with some availability on Sundays. Click here to schedule an interview.



Notification of acceptance and tuition assistance awards will be determined by mid-February.

Hi, my name is Katie Comrov. I am currently a sophomore at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School. My entire life up until high school I attended public school. My grade size at public school was much larger than the average grade size at RZ. However, having a smaller grade has allowed me to personally connect with each and every classmate. The RZ community made the transition from public school to private school smooth and enjoyable. When I started at RZ I did not know anyone in my grade. At first, I was nervous, but I was immediately able to make a group of friends. One of the main advantages of having a smaller grade is how close, welcoming, and supportive everyone is. Not only was I able to make friends in my own grade, I was able to make friends in other grades as well. Unlike public school, it is common for upperclassman to hang out with freshmen and sophomores. 


RZ offers over 30 clubs. I enjoy being involved in various clubs because it is another way to meet people and find common interests with others. Another great aspect about RZ is that even though the athletic program is competitive it has no cuts. I was always nervous about not being able to play volleyball in my public school because they had limited spots, but at RZ they allow anyone wanting to join sports to do so. It has allowed me to try sports like volleyball, soccer, track, and tennis; I would normally not have the opportunity to do so in public school. 


My favorite aspect about RZ is how supportive the teachers are. They not only care about you as a student but as a person as well. The teachers are more than happy to individually meet and help you. The strong connections that I have with my teachers have positively impacted my learning. It is more challenging to receive the sense of community that Rochelle Zell offers, anywhere else. I am beyond grateful to be able to go to school as amazing at RZJHS!


I hope to see you next year!!


Katie Comrov