Mission and Core Values » Empowers students to find their own voices in a respectful community

Empowers students to find their own voices in a respectful community



Rochelle Zell provides an empowering environment where students gain the skills to excel academically, thrive socially and live as proud, knowledgeable and responsible American Jews. Throughout their years of study at Rochelle Zell, students learn to appreciate the differences that make each individual unique. Students recognize that they are members of a community where every person counts.They learn that each individual has the ability to contribute to the whole to make the school, the greater community and the world a better place.


Rochelle Zell encourages students to advocate for themselves and find their own creative solutions to challenges. When needs or opportunities arise, students are empowered to take action on behalf of themselves or the community. In this way, students learn firsthand that they have both the ability and the responsibility to effect change.


Rochelle Zell welcomes Jewish students of diverse backgrounds. As a school that serves the community, Rochelle Zell stresses the importance of respect for the religious observances of others. Students, teachers and parents are encouraged to maintain, support and model the highest standards of attitude and behavior that reflect moral sensitivity and human decency.