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Critical Thinking



Creates a culture of academic excellence that fosters critical thinking


Rochelle Zell challenges students to achieve the highest standards in all academic areas. The learning environment emphasizes creativity and critical thinking in both general and Judaic studies classes and the ability to question is embraced and valued. A primary goal at Rochelle Zell is to enable students to develop the attitudes, skills and work habits necessary to excel in college and throughout life. Technology and the arts enhance and augment all curricular areas.


Rochelle Zell prides itself on its dynamic, distinguished, involved faculty and selects educators who are among the finest in their respective fields. As full partners in the learning process, teachers and students communicate regularly inside and outside the classroom. The Rochelle Zell faculty cares about the emotional and academic success of every student, and the school creates an environment that facilitates teacher growth and professional development.


Rochelle Zell welcomes students and families from all streams of Judaism with a wide range of Jewish backgrounds, practices and beliefs. The curriculum includes courses designed to stimulate and challenge the full range of Jewish learners— from students with no prior formal Jewish education to day school graduates.