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The College Counseling Department is a source of information and personal guidance geared toward ensuring that each graduate has an appropriate, meaningful plan after graduation. Such guidance is not limited to college planning, as many of our students wish to pursue gap years in Israel, the U.S., or other international locations. While the college counseling resource center has a variety of print material for students, we also help students access the most current information through technology and meetings with representatives from a wide variety of colleges and gap year programs. Each year, approximately 75 college representatives visit the Rochelle Zell Jewish High School campus.


College Counselors

The college counseling program is staffed by two counselors with broad-based knowledge, considerable experience in the field, and strong connections to key colleges and universities. Together they have over seventy years’ experience in education and college admissions, on both the high school and college sides. While their primary focus is the individual student, the counselors participate in all aspects of the program at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School. They are actively engaged with other college-counseling professionals in the area, as well as with college admission personnel across the United States.


Student Services

Our college counselors are a part of a student services group that includes the school social worker, a school counselor and learning specialists, as well as the academic dean. As part of the student services team, the department can draw from a variety of resources in gaining insights and working with students. Interacting with this group on a regular basis has contributed to its developmental view of post-secondary planning, as the college counselors become familiar with students from the beginning of their freshmen year. They help plan age appropriate activities that will increase a student’s self-awareness and ability to engage in self-reflection. Such self-knowledge provides an excellent foundation for embarking on the post-high school planning process during the junior year.


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"The experiences I’ve had while working together with my classmates, peers and teachers on projects beyond the classroom has helped me develop stronger and more dynamic friendships and relationships with those around me." - Ceren M., '13