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Health/Physical Education

The Rochelle Zell Jewish High School physical education, health education, and athletics program is a vital component of the school’s curriculum and mission that seeks to promote lifelong healthy habits and enhance students’ well being. The program complies with stringent Illinois state standards.


Illinois State Learning Standards and Benchmarks


Physical Education

Rochelle Zell students participate in a physical education program in each of their four years at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School. Classes are held twice a week and are fitness-based. Students participating in a Rochelle Zell sport have the option of not taking physical education during the season in which they are playing that sport.


Health Education

All sophomores take one semester of health education. The course covers concepts and units which include the following: six dimensions of health (physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental), stress management, preventing and resolving conflict, mental health/mental illness, physical fitness, nutrition, substance abuse, human sexuality/reproduction, communicable diseases, first aid and safety, and CPR. 



Did You Know?

  • Approximately 83 percent of the student body participates on a Rochelle Zell Jewish High School athletics team.

"RZJHS has helped me become a leader. The school has so many clubs and leadership roles that every student can get involved. Since I have been involved in many extracurricular activities, I have been able to grow as leader and find new causes to become passionate about."

Nadav S. '13