Student Spotlight: Anna Ferdkoff, Class of 2023

The life of sophomore Anna Ferdkoff is one big balance act, yet as a student athlete she remains successful in her sport of tennis, in the classroom, and as a multi-sport manager of other teams. As a 10th grader, this may seem intimidating, however, Mr. Martinez last year approached Anna during her freshman year because he saw a natural born leader in her. “He reached out to me after noticing that I helped to plan homecoming as part of the RZJHS spirit club in addition to taking on a leadership role in other areas of the school”

Mr. Martinez stated, “Anna fills our largest void in the athletic program as a game day worker and student manager for multiple teams. I am grateful every day that Rochelle Zell has someone like Anna that is willing to sacrifice her time and energy for the success of each sport team and the athletic program as a whole.” Working side by side with Mr. Martinez throughout the year has shown another side to athletics for Anna. The athletics program’s greatest strength is the warm environment. Players work together to lift each other up, and the relationships between players and coaches show when you are at a game or at practice. The teams are more than just teams. She states, “I feel like I am part of the family when I am part of the team.” 

Her secret for balancing all of these activities is her trusty Google Calendar. Everything throughout her day is planned accordingly, to make chaotic moments flow as smoothly as possible. Anna has taken on the nickname of “team mom” from many, and without her Tiger Athletics would look a whole lot different. She assists with making sure people know when practice times are, what jerseys they should be wearing, and more. Even though her schedule is filling more her sophomore year, she is looking forward to continuing her role in the athletic department for all four years.

When she’s not on the court, Anna juggles several clubs along with her academics. She describes her work process: “I sit down, do my work and work ahead in the classes where I can, so I'm not overwhelmed with work because I’m already finished with what I need to do. When I’m keeping score at a game after school or helping to manage the team, I’m not overwhelmed because I set my priorities and schedule it all ahead of time. To balance her schoolwork life, Anna sets aside one hour a week just for herself: “I always set a self care day. I take an hour to myself to benefit me-watching my favorite tv show, take a shower, whatever I like to do just for myself.” 

As for who will take over for this irreplaceable part of RZJHS Athletics when the time comes, Anna says “I will pass my torch when I have my diploma in hand. I will take someone under my wing but I don't know where I would be without the opportunities that Coach Martinez gave me. I would not be the sophomore I am today if he did not reach out to me one day. I would not be as involved as I am. It means a lot to me and I'm very personally connected, I want to pass down the legacy, but not before I graduate!”