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friendly teen boy headshotHello! I am Elan Lerner, CJDS alum, graduate of the Class of 2019. It is my pure pleasure to be reaching out to all of you as potential Rochelle Zell students, to share some information on my transition from middle school at CJDS, to high school at Rochelle Zell. As I’m sure you have all realized by now, the transition from middle to high school is not an easy one nor does it come easily or naturally overnight; however, the teachers at Rochelle Zell constantly checked in on us to make sure we were adjusting properly and made time to meet with us if we ever felt stressed or overworked. The academic transition also felt seamless due to the inclusive nature of my fellow students and staff. Also the social transition into a new environment felt easy, as the faculty consistently encouraged social interaction amongst students of different social backgrounds, both inside and outside the classroom. This transition has fostered some of my closest friendships today and helped create the best high school experience I could possibly ask for.


I hope to see you at Curriculum Night on February 9th and hopefully around the hallways next fall,