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The Patch: What Do Teens Do All Day? One School Sets to Find Out

By Emily Stone

Chicagoland Jewish High School students logged their time, in 15-minute segments, for 18 days for a school-wide analysis.

For 18 days in December, Chicagoland Jewish High School students were asked to log their activities in 15-minute increments each day. Were they doing homework? Hanging out with friends? Sleeping? On Facebook?

The results — 28,000 hours worth — were compiled by the school’s math department to analyze student’s workload at a time when participation in extracurricular activities was at an all-time high, according to the school.

The results concluded that:
Students reported an average of 2.6 hours of homework a day.
Students reported an average of 7.8 hours of sleep per night.
Students reported 2.1 hours on average of “down time” per day.
The school put together a video on the project, which you can watch here.

Do you think your child’s ratio of homework to down time to sleep is about the same? Do you think teens today have a good balance in their day?

For the full article, visit http://deerfield.patch.com/groups/schools/p/what-do-teens-do-all-day-one-school-set-to-find-out

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