Student Life


Student life at Rochelle Zell is vibrant, rewarding and full of spirit and a tremendous sense of community. The wide range of programs, clubs, and leadership activities offered helps students achieve balance in their lives and cultivate their special interests and talents both in school and in the Jewish community. 



To meet the diverse needs of our growing student body, Rochelle Zell offers religious, cultural, academic, political, athletic, social, leadership, fine arts and performing arts programs. Students are encouraged to try new activities and to respect the diversity of interests in the school. While extra-curricular activities are voluntary, nearly 100% of the student body participates in at least one activity.



Clubs and the four Va’adot (school-sponsored student government committees) are student-led; faculty advisers provide guidance and assistance. 


Va’ad HaStudentim

The student government at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School, known as the Va’ad, serves both our students and the school at large. The Va’ad has three main goals: to improve student life and morale, to communicate students’ concerns and ideas to the administration, and to brainstorm and delegate events to other active organizations in the Rochelle Zell student body. Students elect the officers each spring, and a ninth grade representative is elected in the fall.



Students keep up to date on school and community functions via daily announcements following tefillah, e-mails, mailbox communication, and information posted on bulletin boards throughout the school. Students can also access the Rochelle Zell online calendar regularly. The weekly Rochelle Zell E-News, circulated on Friday afternoons, gives students and the broader Rochelle Zell community the latest information about upcoming programs and events.


To learn more, contact Rabbi Silver.

"I love the close community and all the friends that you can make. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freshmen or a senior you are able to be friends with everyone."

Lena R. ‘15

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