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Time Use Study

Students at CJHS take on the challenge of a dual curriculum in addition to participating in various clubs, sports, and social services projects. As participation in extracurricular activities increased to an all-time high, it became important to the Va’ad HaStudentim (student council) and the administration to understand how students allocate their time throughout the course of the day. Consequently, in cooperation with the math department, the Va’ad Hastudentim constructed a time-use survey that was sent out every night to every student over the course of three weeks (November 25- December 19). At the end of each night, students accessed the link to the survey and plugged in numbers according to how their time was spent throughout the day. All results were anonymous and only the math department had access to the data.

The graphs below summarize the data from the time use survey. Ultimately the study showed that, for the most part, CJHS students are attaining a reasonable balance between homework and their other commitments. An average of 7.8 hours of sleep per night was far better than the Va’ad had feared. Two and half hours of home a night, on average, is significant, but within the range of what our faculty has deemed as reasonable for a school with a rigorous, dual curriculum.

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