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Ceren M. '13

Chicagoland Jewish High School Places 1st at International Model UN Conference in New York

At the International Model UN Conference, 3800 high school students were in attendance, a new record, from 230 different high schools representing 20 different countries.

Congratulations to CJHS Model UN Team!

Idan Chazan, Eli Ecanow, Ethan Laney, Emma Mati, Livi Moses, Eli Nasatir, Joseph Schrayer

Jonah Karoll, Alexa Levin, Zev Mishell, Yoni Maltsman, Felix Rosen, Arielle Small

Dylan Janczak, Melissa Levin, Sara Levin, Julia Mati, Josh Pliskin, Maya Resnick, Jordan Rosenfield, Ari Rosenthal, Jason Taitz, Ranan Vales

Joseph Cohen, Noa Gordon-Guterman, Ruli Warner-Rosen, David Steinberg, Eli Schrayer

Award Winning Delegates

Noa Gordon-Guterman and David Steinberg
Crisis Committee: The Iran Hostage Crisis, 1979.

Ruli Warner-Rosen
Crisis Committee: The Methamphetamine Crisis in Southeast Asia.

Speakers at the Plenary Session
Josh Pliskin & Livi Moses
UNODC – Narcoterrorism

Joey Schrayer & Jason Taitz
SPECPOL – Child Trafficking

Julia Mati & Idan Chazan
HLPF – Water Sustainability in Sub Saharan Africa

Yoni Maltsman & Arielle Small
UNDP – Clean Energy

Eli Schrayer
UNESCO – Protecting Journalist

Yasher Koach for a job well done!

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