"The turning point in my life was coming to CJHS because that was when I became a leader. I was empowered by my teachers and I learned how to be a good student. I developed a good work ethic, I took initiative, and I got to shape a lot of things that are still in existence at CJHS today. I definitely wouldn’t trade my unique experience for anything."

Mollie Flink '04


Rochelle Zell Jewish High School’s athletic program provides student-athletes lifelong learning experiences infused with character development while enhancing the achievement of education outcomes: learning, citizenship, sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle, and life skills. Our program teaches the values of integrity, respect, strong work ethic, and teamwork while giving students of all ability levels an opportunity to participate in high school athletics.
Rochelle Zell Jewish High School believes participation in athletics to be an integral aspect of the overall high school experience. Participating in interscholastic athletics provides opportunities for physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Student-athletes are challenged to strive for excellence, learn self-discipline, and attain a strong work ethic that help them succeed in athletics, in the classroom, and in the community.
Rochelle Zell Jewish High School provides student-athletes lifelong learning experiences by:
• developing integrity that contributes to the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of health
• encouraging change and growth through the opportunity to experience the positive impact their efforts have on their team, their school, and their community
• supporting a respectful environment where all student-athletes develop trusting and dependable relationships and work together to achieve a common goal
• cultivating sportsmanship by winning with humility and acknowledging defeat with dignity
• promoting the value and appreciation of physical fitness for a lifetime
Interscholastic Athletic Offerings for 2016-2017/5777

Boys Cross-Country
Girls Cross-Country
Girls Tennis
Boys Soccer
Girls Volleyball

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Bowling (Club Sport)

Girls Soccer
Boys Tennis
Boys Volleyball

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