CJHS Announces Pilot Programs for Tuition and Enrollment

Donor Sponsored Tuition Incentive
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce a special program for the 2016-2017 academic year that provides an incentive for families to join our school community

First time family scholarship
Families who are new to our school with either a freshman or transfer student can check off an additional $5,000 elective scholarship. This is a one-time scholarship per family which is being underwritten by an anonymous donor who is invested in the continued growth of our school population.

Each of these initiatives is being offered as a two-year pilot program. At the end of the two years, our Board of Directors, along with the donor, will assess whether these programs will continue.

Full cost tuition payment option
Tuition at Rochelle Zell, as with most private schools, does not cover the full cost to educate a student. While tuition for the 2016-2017 school year is $24,300, the actual cost to educate each student at Rochelle Zell is $30,300, with the difference being covered through fund raising. Families will have the option to check off a box on the enrollment agreement to pay the full cost to educate their child(ren). If families elect to pay the full $30,300 (plus fees), $6,400 (per full-cost tuition paid) qualifies as a contribution; and the school will issue a tax letter for that amount.

For more information about these pilot programs and tuition assistance in general, visit our tuition assistance website.

Please contact Inez Drazin at 847-324-3713 or tigers@rzjhs.org with any questions.

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