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Rochelle Zell is accessible by public transportation either by buses or by train.

Here are a few popular routes to school:
1. The 626 Pace Bus from the Skokie Swift, which stops at the Lake Cook Metra Station, arrives at the intersection of Lake Cook Road and Pine Street at 7:37 a.m. Click here for a 626 schedule and a 626 map.
2. For students living in Chicago and Evanston, the Metra Union Pacific North Line train is a convenient way to travel to school and students enjoy the camaraderie of riding the train together. The train arrives at the Braeside train station in Highland Park at 7:37 a.m. and is met by the CJE Shalom bus, which will bring the students to RZJHS. Students will need to register and pay the fee for the CJE Shalom bus. To do so, please click here for our Shalom bus registration form.
3. Students who use the Metro Union Pacific North line but miss the CJE Shalom bus or are on a different schedule may find the 629 Pace Shuttlebug to be helpful. The Shuttlebug meets the train at Braeside and heads west on Lake Cook Road; one of its stops is at Lake Cook and Pine. Click for a 629 schedule and a 629 map.
4. For more information about schedules and fares, please go to and/or

Afternoon Bus Transportation

When school is dismissed, the CJE Shalom bus provides students with transportation to the Braeside train station.To view the most convenient route from your home, please visit Google Transit using Rochelle Zell Jewish High School’s address at 1095 Lake Cook Road. For door-to-door directions, visit detailed maps and schedules, visit the Chicago Transit Authority. For general questions and more information, contact Inez Drazin, Director of Building and Administrative Services at 847.324.3713.

"RZJHS has helped me become a leader. The school has so many clubs and leadership roles that every student can get involved. Since I have been involved in many extracurricular activities, I have been able to grow as leader and find new causes to become passionate about."

Nadav S. '13

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