Rochelle Zell students hail from 23 communities, attend 34 synagogues and enter as freshmen and transfer students from day schools, public schools and private schools.


When you look at student demographics, it is clear that Rochelle Zell is serving the Chicago Jewish community in its entirety. Rochelle Zell families are affiliated with numerous synagogues and represent a wide range of Jewish observance. Diversity is also evident with respect to the communities in which our students live, the public and day schools they have attended and their learning abilities. As Rochelle Zell grows, the school will continue to reach out to the entire Jewish community and demonstrate that Rochelle Zell is a place where every Jewish student can find a home.



"Clearly, there are the lessons that are in our textbooks, like algebra, chemistry and Spanish. But at RZJHS, we also learned essential midot, or values, such as diligence and morality, that you can’t find in a textbook."

Akiva S., '17

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