Our library helps prepare students to be information-literate, lifelong learners who are able to effectively retrieve and evaluate all resources available to them in school and beyond.

The library is equipped with computers that provide Internet access, word processing programs in Hebrew and English, and electronic subscription databases. Athena, the on-line public access catalog, lets students and teachers log on to thousands of up-to-date, high-quality, curriculum-related web sites through the computers in the library and throughout the school.

The library houses a broad array of learning resources to support the school’s integrated curriculum, including Jewish and general studies books and reference materials, periodicals (for leisure reading and information on current affairs), video and audio resources, CD-ROM and electronic resources.

Rochelle Zell is a member of the North Suburban Library System, allowing students and faculty to utilize the abundant resources of a consortium of over 650 academic, public, school and special libraries. Our librarian regularly collaborates with classroom teachers to select a broad base of learning resources to support our curriculum.

"The life skills I've gained by attending Rochelle Zell will help me go far in my life, and I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

Alena B. '14

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