Physical Education

The Rochelle Zell Jewish High School physical education, health and athletics program is a vital component of the school’s curriculum and mission that seeks to promote lifelong healthy habits and enhance students’ well being. The program complies with stringent Illinois state standards.

Physical Education
Rochelle Zell students participate in an organized same-sex physical education program in each of their four years at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School. Classes are held twice a week and include a wide variety of activities such as basketball, soccer and floor hockey. Students participating in a team sport have the option of not taking physical education during the season in which they are playing that sport.

Health Education
All sophomores take one semester of health education that includes drug awareness education, sex education and CPR.

Rochelle Zell offers an outstanding athletic program that has expanded each year to address the diverse interests and talents of our students. Our extracurricular athletic program is an important part of the school’s total educational system. It contributes to students’ physical well-being, helps to create teamwork and a sense of community among team players while promoting school spirit. Since Rochelle Zell teams compete against a wide variety of schools, student athletes frequently develop a greater awareness of racial, ethnic and religious diversity.

Rochelle Zell is a member of the prestigious Chicago Prep Conference. Currently, Rochelle Zell offers a wide range of interscholastic athletic sports and offers 11 varsity teams. Each team competes in a full season of games, matches and meets and is coached by experienced professionals.

Did You Know:
-Approximately 75 percent of the student body participates on a Rochelle Zell Jewish High School athletics team.
-Rochelle Zell employs coaches who are experienced, professional and student-centered.
-Rochelle Zell athletic teams compete against top private and public high schools throughout the metro area. Students foster relationships and are exposed to a diversity of student populations.
-Rochelle Zell is a full member of the IHSA, Illinois’s athletics sanctioning organization.

"I love RZ because of the atmosphere of intelligence, drive and laid-back humor. This atmosphere fosters a unique student-teacher dynamic, characterized by respect, high expectations and comradeship."

Joe K. '14

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