Academic Excellence

Critical Thinkers
General and Jewish studies are of equal importance and are mutually reinforcing. Rochelle Zell integrates the wisdom of our heritage and values with the sciences, humanities, and the arts. The learning environment emphasizes creativity and critical thinking in both general and Jewish studies classes and the ability to question is embraced and valued.

Students take general studies classes with their grade-level peers. Jewish Studies classes are tracked by Hebrew language level and ability to interpret texts. Rochelle Zell Jewish High School makes Talmud/Torah study accessible to all students by offering classes instructed in both Hebrew and English. Jewish Studies at Rochelle Zell Jewish High School has a track for students coming from a Jewish day school background and a track for those who have attended public schools.

Teachers at Rochelle Zell come to know their students as multi-dimensional human beings. The close and meaningful relationships that form between them contribute to students’ confidence in their abilities to advocate for themselves and for others, in college and beyond.

The school creates an environment that facilitates teacher growth and professional development, with regular professional development opportunities inside and outside the walls of the building. From the start, our school has enjoyed an impressive reputation among educators who respect the school’s commitment to academic excellence. Rochelle Zell Jewish High School prides itself on its dynamic and distinguished faculty and selects educators who are among the finest in their respective fields. As full partners in the learning process, teachers and students communicate regularly inside and outside the classroom.

"I have been more involved in sports and clubs than ever before, which has made it the best year yet! RZ's understanding teachers and supportive community foster a collaborative environment which ensures each student's success. For next year, I hope to take on a greater leadership role in both the sports teams and clubs I am involved with. "

Gaby E., '18

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