College Visits


Rochelle Zell Jewish High School welcomes college representatives that wish to visit our school. Visits can be scheduled via If you have any questions about visiting our school, please feel free to contact Co-Director of College Counseling, Ellen J. Rostker directly at or at 847.324.3733.


College Visit Schedule


Drake University 9/13/2017
Dartmouth College 9/13/2017
Grinnell College 9/13/2017
St. Louis College of Pharmacy 9/13/2017
Washington University in St. Louis 9/13/2017
Vanderbilt University 9/14/2017
Knox College 9/19/2017
Kendall College 9/19/2017
University of Miami 9/19/2017
Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences 9/19/2017
Clark University 9/25/2017
Elon University 9/25/2017
Boston University 9/25/2017
Dickinson College 9/25/2017
Tulane University 9/25/2017
Barnard College 9/26/2017
Michigan State University 9/26/2017
Butler University 9/26/2017
University of Wisconsin, Madison 9/26/2017
Lehigh University 9/27/2017
University of Michigan 9/27/2017
DePaul University 9/28/2017
Northeastern University 9/28/2017
Hevruta Gap Year 10/2/2017
Bradley University 10/2/2017
University of Pittsburgh 10/2/2017
University of Illinois at Chicago 10/2/2017
University College London 10/3/2017
Wesleyan University 10/3/2017
Lynn University 10/9/2017
Northwestern University 10/9/2017
Muhlenberg College 10/10/2017
American Jewish University 10/16/2017
Johns Hopkins University 10/16/2017
Binghamton University 10/17/2017
Duke University 10/17/2017
Drexel University 10/17/2017
Franklin & Marshall College 10/17/2017
Brandeis University 10/18/2017
Case Western Reserve University 10/19/2017
Jewish Theological Seminary of America 10/19/2017
Hofstra University 10/19/2017
The Ohio State University 10/19/2017
Emory University 10/26/2017
Skidmore College 10/26/2017
American Friends of IDC 10/27/2017
Colorado State University 11/2/2017
George Williams College of Aurora University 11/3/2017
Bar-Ilan University 11/7/2017

"The experiences I’ve had while working together with my classmates, peers and teachers on projects beyond the classroom has helped me develop stronger and more dynamic friendships and relationships with those around me."

Ceren M. '13

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