Integrates the wisdom of our heritage and values with the sciences, humanities and arts

At Rochelle Zell, general and Jewish studies are of equal importance and are mutually reinforcing. At any time, students are grappling with Renaissance history, algorithms and physics as well as the covenant with God, Prophetic literature and Talmud. Subject areas are integrated whenever possible to enable students to perceive the modern world through the lens of Jewish tradition.

Rochelle Zell focuses on developing the critical thinking skills that are necessary to excel in all areas of study: from the arts and humanities to mathematics to Talmud. Rochelle Zell also equips students with the tools needed to access and incorporate in their lives the best of general and Jewish knowledge and culture.

"The turning point in my life was coming to RZJHS because that was when I became a leader. I was empowered by my teachers and I learned how to be a good student. I developed a good work ethic, I took initiative, and I got to shape a lot of things that are still in existence at RZJHS today. I definitely wouldn’t trade my unique experience for anything."

Mollie F. '04

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