Judaism in The Modern World

Cultivates a commitment to living Judaism in the modern world

Rochelle Zell provides students with the knowledge, skills and leadership opportunities they need to participate fully in Jewish life as observant, passionate committed Jews. The school year at Rochelle Zell revolves around the Jewish calendar, and students learn to approach life with a love and reverence for Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. Kashrut is observed throughout the school and at all school events allowing students to observe Jewish laws and life fully.

Athletic programs and extra-curricular activities never conflict with Shabbat or Jewish holidays.

The rich Judaic studies curriculum includes intensive studies of Talmud, Bible, Jewish thought and Jewish history. Daily tefillah provides students with an opportunity to serve as shlichei tzibur (prayer leaders), to have aliyot to the Torah and to offer fellow students divrei Torah (brief discourses on the weekly Torah reading). On Friday mornings, rabbis and Jewish educators from the broader community attend tefillah and enhance prayer by sharing their knowledge and insights with students and faculty.

Rochelle Zell also strives to develop within students a commitment to the ideals of freedom, democracy, human dignity, justice and fairness. RZJHS fosters a spirit of objectivity, respect for diversity of views and a belief in the equality of all people.

"The turning point in my life was coming to RZJHS because that was when I became a leader. I was empowered by my teachers and I learned how to be a good student. I developed a good work ethic, I took initiative, and I got to shape a lot of things that are still in existence at RZJHS today. I definitely wouldn’t trade my unique experience for anything."

Mollie F. '04

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