" The turning point in my life was coming to RZJHS because that was when I became a leader. I was empowered by my teachers and I learned how to be a good student. I developed a good work ethic, I took initiative, and I got to shape a lot of things that are still in existence at RZJHS today. I definitely wouldn’t trade my unique experience for anything."

Mollie F. '04

Faculty & Staff



Tony Frank - Head of School

B.A. - Hebrew University

M.A. - Northeastern Illinois University

M.S. - Northwestern University

Tel: 847.324.3702

Jason Loeb - Academic Dean

B.A. - Syracuse University

M.A. - DePaul University

Other - M. Ed. - DePaul University

Tel: 847.324.3708

Dr. Roger Stein - Dean of Faculty

B.A. - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

M.A. - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Other - Ph.D. - University of Illinois, Chicago

Tel: 847.423.5505

Rabbi Zachary Silver - Rav Beit Sefer

B.A. - University of Pennsylvania

M.A. - Jewish Theological Seminary

Tel: 847.324.3709

Dr. Rebecca Schorsch - Director of Jewish Studies

B.A. - Columbia University

M.A. - Jewish Theological Seminary

Other - Ph.D. : University of Chicago

Tel: 847.324.3704

michelle friedman - Director of Development

B.S. - University of Illinois

Tel: 847.324.3720

riv lynch - Director of Admissions

B.A. - Indiana University

M.A. - University of Illinois at Chicago

Tel: 847.324.3706

Bob Krakowsky - Director of Finance & Business Operations

B.A. - The City College of New York

Other - M.B.A - Columbia University

J.D. - Suffolk University

Tel: 847.324.3712

inez drazin - Director of Building and Administrative Services

B.S. - University of Illinois

Tel: 847.324.3713

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